A Bordelon Story

La harve, france 1670 to Present

""clear the streets of vice whilE providing shelter for this wretched portion of humanity"

French royal edict dated 1656 that forced my ancestral grandmother to America.

The history of the Bordelon family has been written in several books over the past several years but, like most amateur genealogists, I was interested specifically in my branch of the huge Bordelon tree. I started this research many years ago in college but kept hitting brick walls. With the help of computer-generated census data, church, death records, and countless interviews, I have solved the mystery that has plagued me for years.


I was amazed at how much inaccurate information is out there! People make plenty of guesses and assumptions then post them on the internet that proves not to be accurate. The census data which, was very valuable, also often had wrong birthday information and you have to make sense of some of the data there also. Ancestry.com initially has assumptions and half accurate information from anyone who wants to post info but it has come a long way in providing accurate information. I posted my tree on the site but,  there is a lot of information from other sources about my family that is inaccurate.


My facts are backed by proven documentation as much as possible and little or no "assumptions" were made. I can now connect all the branches of my tree and trace my ancestry all the way back to Le Havre, France (1690s). Click on Introduction and Bordelon Linage above to look through what I have.

I am also in the process of posting my mother's side of the family (Morris/ Marus).